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Monday, May 18, 2009

how to sit and where to get treats !

hello welcome to my blog every day i will try to post a new stuff . enjoy

  1. sit :do not hold your hand up - that is one way of saying jumping is OK. You do not want them to jump. Push his (or her) rear or push down right in front of his tail. then say sit . then give him the treat .and say "good boy " if you cheep working on this you can us it for lots more stuff . like before i pet my dog he has to sit this shows who is boos say sit 4 time and if he (or she ) dose not sit then walk away but if he (or she ) dose then praise him or her. then he (or her ) will know who is boss.

  • treats :you do not have to buy dogs treats ! they like carrots and lunch meat and tons of other things . just make sure it is OK for the dog to eat . but if you won't to buy dog treats ask your vet. is a great place.